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Riding the Crypto Bull: NFTs, Blockchain Gaming, and Web 3 Gaming in the Spotlight

Riding the Crypto Bull: NFTs, Blockchain Gaming, and Web 3 Gaming in the Spotlight

Crypto Crash or Smash this bull run?

With the increasing interest of investors and crypto enthusiasts in 2024, the crypto bull run has become the hot topic of the year. A crypto bull run is when the prices of different digital currencies go up for a while. During this time, lots of people traded these currencies a lot, thinking they could make a lot of money because the prices kept going higher and higher. It’s a bit like a big party for cryptocurrency investors because everyone’s happy and hopeful about making profits.

As curiosity concerns the bull run, many questions are rising about the current cryptocurrency market trends making people delve into the world of cryptocurrencies. Investors frequently ask a question: when will the peak of this bull run occur? A random guess would be November 2024. According to expert predictions, this cycle may be more compressed than the previous cycles given all the institutional interest we have never had in the crypto market before. 

Now you will be wondering, with all the bull run hype going on, how long will it last? Would it last till October of 2025? There are predictions that this cycle might last longer than the previous ones so far, the first ATH hit 357 days after the halving. 511 days for the next one, and then 546 days. It is anticipated via the expert’s predicted data that this will last almost 570 days after the halving.

Currency War: Bitcoin Vs Ethereum Vs Solana. What to choose?

Excited to invest in crypto, but don’t know where to invest? Let’s just discuss the upcoming updates on the three main highly bought currencies: Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Solana. Starting with BTC: many investors are in doubt that buying BTC would be beneficial in the upcoming period even if it is currently priced at $67k. The answer would be that if BTC rhymes with the history, it would likely do 2x or 3x this cycle. Even if the stock market crashes, it is expected to increase as BTC is a separate commodity from the banking system. But it is possible that if the market crashes due to recession, it might drop the value of the coin. 

Moreover, when it comes to the competition between Solana and Ethereum, a thought clicks that if Solana could flip Ethereum? Experts predict that it might be possible shortly that Ethereum flips Bitcoin first giving a new face to the cycle and that Solana never flips Ethereum.

Hurry Up! Is it the Last Chance to Get Rich?

CIO of Bitwise, Matt Hougan states that the All Time High for Bitcoin according to ETFs (exchange-traded funds), could be $100,000, could be $200,000 or higher. The BTC in present times is all about the demand and supply of the currency. The demand for bitcoin is significantly increasing with not enough supply. Bitcoin will be seen going much higher, as the increase in buying will be recorded, closer to the times of halving. Inventor’s attentiveness is more toward this currency, the Bitcoin EFTs have now taken $5.57 billion in just the first 14 trading days.


Will NFTs Be the Golden Goose in This Bull Run?

NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) have emerged as a revolutionary force in the art world, captivating artists, investors, and collectors alike. Artists are drawn to NFTs because they provide a unique opportunity to monetize their digital creations in a way that was previously impossible.

The NFT market has gone through some notable changes, leaving the observers shocked. The recent changes are that the market has undergone new heights recently with increased sales, generating higher returns for investors and collectors. The sale of NFTs has generated substantial profits for investors and creators; some well-known pieces of art have sold for millions of dollars. This increase in earnings has drawn a lot of attention and increased hope for the NFT market’s future. 

But with the increase in the profits, a decline has been recorded in the trading volume. This decline could be due to the fluctuations in the demand or it may be because of various alternatives of investment present in the market. 

Sharing the data of the top 5 NFTs in the last 7 days:


Thrills and Spills for Blockchain Gaming:

The crypto market is at its best, where blockchain gaming is a prominent niche. Blockchain gaming is being considered as a potential factor in the crypto bull run, with its success all because of innovations in the crypto tokens and the increasing player appeal. The way the industry develops will depend on how well blockchain technologies are incorporated with conventional gaming norms.

When everyone is talking about blockchain gaming, let’s uncover some potential risks and opportunities for blockchain gaming in this bull run. The biggest opportunities that this cycle offers for blockchain gaming would be increased adoption and its higher valuation in the market. Bull runs often attract more attention to the cryptocurrency space as a whole, which could lead to increased adoption of blockchain gaming platforms and assets. Whereas rising cryptocurrency prices can increase the value of in-game assets and currencies, potentially leading to higher revenues for developers and increased profits for investors.

Everything is not all shines and glitters for blockchain gaming. The risks that blockchain gaming can face during this bull run would be mainly volatility and competition. When it comes to volatility, sudden price fluctuations could impact the value of in-game assets and currencies, leading to financial losses for both players and developers. Lastly, increased interest in blockchain gaming during a bull run could lead to heightened competition among gaming platforms. Developers need to differentiate their offerings and provide unique value propositions to attract and retain users in a crowded market.

Will Web 3.0 gaming remain the G.O.A.T?

Almost $600 million was invested in Web 3.0 gaming according to the latest reports of DappRaddar. Amid crypto bull run, the advancements for Web 3.0 gaming are particularly promising in the future where the players will have more authority and autonomy over their assets within the game. Investors are more interested in Web 3.0 gaming because of the real-time value and long-term game plans offered by the game developing studios. A shift away from the play-to-earn approach is being observed toward more sustainable gameplay models that emphasize true digital asset ownership and create thriving economies for games.

Sharing the people’s point of view regarding the impact of bull run on Web 3.0 gaming

Let’s End the talk: 

Excitement is growing for the 2024 crypto bull run as the value of digital currencies rises, drawing investors looking to profit from possible gains in the era of expanding use and technological developments. For many, it represents an opportunity to profit financially from their investments by riding the wave of an expanding market.

Web 3.0 games, blockchain games, and NFTs could benefit from the upcoming bull market, which will encourage innovation and expansion in decentralized gaming ecosystems. But it also runs the risk of increasing market volatility and encouraging bubbles of speculation in the absence of regulation and sustainable development, which might cause setbacks for the industry.

Crux of the Story:

At the heart of the debate about NFTs, blockchain gaming, and Web 3.0 gaming is a big question: Will the upcoming crypto bull run bring good times or bad for these new technologies?

We as a game development studio are all hopeful and excited for the bull run. We think NFTs and blockchain gaming are changing the game, making artists and investors happy. We’re excited about the recent successes, like more sales and profits, but we also see some problems ahead, like prices going up and down and more competition.

Whereas according to the response we got on Quora, people are more cautious. They are in a “Hold on a minute!” mood. They think the bull run could be risky. Yes, it might bring more money and people to these new technologies. But it could also cause big problems, like prices crashing and rules changing. They want people to be careful and think twice before jumping in.

In the end, it’s a clash of ideas. One side sees a bright future, while the other worries about what might go wrong. As everyone gets ready for the ride, one thing is clear: NFTs, blockchain gaming, and Web 3.0 gaming are at a crossroads, waiting to see if they’ll flourish or struggle in the wild world of crypto.

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