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How is Gaming Increasing Your Intellectual? 5 Surprising Benefits of Playing Video Games:

How is Gaming Increasing Your Intellectual? 5 Surprising Benefits of Playing Video Games:

Several studies have revealed that children who play a lot of video games are more likely to contain sharper and better intellectual skills as compared to non-gamers.  Another study conducted in Columbia University, New York by an international team of investigators in which they analyzed the intellectual health of millions of students between the age of 6 and 11 all across Europe. However, as a result of this investigation, the researchers found that the children who play video games were 1.75 times more intelligent than the rest of the children. These children were also found to be 1.88 times more skillful in their education proficiency.

Yet, the perfect way to enhance your intellectual skills is brain games such as riddles, matrixes, puzzles, clue games, scrabble, crosswords, escape room, and many others. Also, these games are considered as an exercise to your brain which helps you in boosting your thinking and results in sharpening your mind. Although these games are intellectually encouraging, you would get surprised by getting to know about their long-term benefits.

Today, the article has discussed 5 astonishing facts and benefits of playing these video games and how they help you in developing your intelligence.

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1. Develop Social Networks

If a person is shy or insecure, yet starts playing online video games, the person is more likely to build new social relations and boost up his confidence. Through a recent survey, it has been proved that a huge number of video game players, approximately 70%, have played different video games with their friends and have grown their social networking. Although, some players play virtually by inviting their friends online and some invite them physically to play the game by staying at one place together. However, in either way these players communicate with each other which helps them improve their confidence.

2. Enrich Visual Potentials

Playing video games can actually enhance your visual perceptions no matter how long you play a video game each day. Notwithstanding, another study was done in 2007 in which a team of Live Science Staff took 10 male students who were non-gamers and gave them a 30-hour training of non-fictional action games. After letting them learn these games, they tested these students against 10 further students who were not given any training. In other words, 10 gamers were tested against 10 non-gamers. However, the research ended up that these trained gamers were able to see more clearly even in chaotic spaces because of advanced 3D resolution. Their brains were trained to focus on every single object and watch everything critically.

3. Stimulate Creativity

Moreover, playing video games also have been found beneficial in stimulating children’s creativity. Since these players often conduct experiments in several innovative techniques while playing particular games. However, if the gamer plays games that involve some virtual world, it could be slightly risky to try other exclusive techniques, but when these players resume trying such approaches and get won, they are rewarded with prizes. Many researchers have depicted that people who play video games are more in getting out-of-the-box and thinking more in a creative manner in the real world as well.

4. Grow Multitasking Aptitude

Here comes a debatable skill which could be very admirable amongst people, that is multitasking, or you can say the aptitude of doing multiple activities simultaneously. However, many investigators have also done work on this skill with respect to video games. These scientists have compared such players with normal people who aren’t multitasking. Hence, their analysis has shown that a great number of people who are usually non-gamers work more proficiently when they focus on one specific task at one time. And when they start getting involved in even two activities, their concentration divides and most probably their work ruins. However, they have predicted that this is all about the stimuli which give us the wings to do certain things, either one at a time or multiple.

The players who play video games most frequently learn to build stimuli of attending multiple tasks at one time. For instance, there are so many action video games in which on one side you have to save your planet and on another side, you have to battle with your enemies such as Save the Planet and Call of Duty, etc. so these gamers also take it easy to perform multiple tasks in real-world too and when they are compared to those of non-gamers, they take no time to switch from task to another promptly.

5. Increase Problem-Solving Abilities

In general, most video games are problem-solving, in which the player has to solve a certain problem in order to pass the level and reach the next one. no matter, either they small problem or a big one they get victory on solving them which develops motivation in players and helps them increase their levels from simple to complex. In many games such as riddles, puzzles, clue games, the player must think deeply about what they should do to crack the issue and accomplish their target. the more they try, the more they get smarter intellectually. Indeed, such gamers are found to be more challenging in resolving real-life issues as well by creating their own ideas that actually work.

Conclusive Thoughts

Although it is obvious that video games are not the only means to enhance your intellect since if you are not a gaming person, there is no restriction to start playing them. But it has been analyzed that they are somehow helpful in developing your activity and intellectual skills.

Hence, many scientists have collected multiple studies and summarized into one decision that such video games have a great impact on the human brain and how they can be effective in shaping your intelligence and behavior. Researchers recommend that playing video games can transform the brain with respect to concentration and visual perceptions, and make them more competent intellectually.

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