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How the Gaming Industry is Coping up with Pandemic?

How the Gaming Industry is Coping up with Pandemic?

2021 has arrived and so the gaming industry has evolved. However, the prior year has been the period of challenge which has brought the entire world to the dead end and locked every person at home.

Yet, the pandemic was the major reason for wrecking the circumstances of havoc on many businesses and created enormous disruptions all across the globe. Certainly, this epidemic has also impacted hugely on entertainment, specifically the gaming industry.

Thus, the question is how has the gaming industry coped up with the epidemic?

Over many decades, the video gaming industry has always surprised us with unique games, entertaining outcomes, and remarkable moments. So can we see its continuation to impress the audience, no matter what the atmosphere is?

However, since recent years, when everybody has stayed home in quarantine, watching Netflix, preparing for online businesses, the gaming industry has taken the opportunity and introduced numerous games just like Animal Crossing: New Horizons, Control, Death Stranding, and whatnot.

Although the 2020 year has considered a wrecking period, it has been entertained by a large number of the population by watching seasons, learning new things, and making Vlogs but gaming? It comes above all! This industry has gained a lot of development and the lockdown has become beneficial for its market.

Did you know? According to BBC News, the gaming industry has been reported as one of the major increases in user numbers, with US video game sales hitting the highest level in over a decade in March.

In spite of some challenges, the industry used this time of hardships in its favor and transformed it into a more developed and technologically advanced industry. Several sectors of the industry have brought such opportunities to grow the industry fast and faster.

Some foremost companies have elevated their impressions in the gaming industry, either by improving the applications of live games or by modifying them into streaming games. These companies have always provided an approachable and controllable atmosphere. Not only this, but these companies also afford to propose their products for the free cost in order to get the maximum subscribers at a time when their servers are usually being used and their expenses are begin reconsidered.

Additionally, COVID-19 has impacted the industry in some manners, but the industry has become successful in coping up with the situations and continued delivering some outstanding video games, online games, play stations, and so on.

Impacts on Gaming Events

Many great events of multiple industries got influenced by this epidemic which resulted in canceling or postponing of these occasions due to public gatherings. There were frequent industries in the gaming market that are considered top-notch associations, such as the Entertainment Software Association (ESA) which was about to organize an occasion by March 2020 but had to cancel it immediately after the widespread of the virus.

Moreover, one of the largest trade events Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) which was about to happen in the same month of 2020 also canceled the event during the fears of the outbreak and they have to conduct virtual exhibitions for its audiences.

Notwithstanding, by April 2020, the ESA also decided to arrange a virtual occasion, but the plan was also canceled to entertain because of the troubles caused by the pandemic. However, the association decided to postpone the event to the next year i.e. 2021.

The ESA also proposed the E3 site to assist their partners and help them in announcing the substitution of the shows. Further events also had been conducted as the replacement of the main event by E3 which arranged a Four-Month Summer Game Fest along with numerous game designers, developers, editors, producers, and other industry-leading supervisors to announce the cancellation of events and replacement of new occasion by E3.

This is not all!

There were other plentiful gaming industry events that got canceled due to COVID-19 and had to pay their worth. However, some of them tried to cope up with this situation and replaced these events with certain substitutions to provide virtual entertainment to their audiences.

Events that got canceled in 2020

Such events that got canceled in 2020 included:

Events that delayed or postponed for sometime

Meanwhile, there were some other occasions which did not decide to cancel but delayed it. Such events include:

Evolution of Gaming Industry

Since most of the population was in quarantine during the pandemic, which became one of the major reasons for the growth of the internet and video games enormously. Moreover, this situation also provided a great chance for the industry to launch multiple games and gain admiration amongst most players.

Frequent competitors introduced some incredible games which stole the heart of many gamers and helped them in spending their quarantine time with more entertainment. Steam, which is one the leading digital storefront video games which hit its budget of over 23 million amongst many synchronized players during March 2020 and broke all its prior records.

On the other hand, Twitch has been perceived to accomplish a budget of more than 3 billion in the first few months of 2020 which was 20 percent more than its previous years.

Not only this!

There are plentiful digital gaming networks like Akamai, Xbox Live, PlayStation Networks, Ubisoft, and much more that launched abundant games and became much reputed over the past year.

Final Verdict

Though, it has become clear that by the year late 2019-2020, the gaming industry has experienced rapid growth and some positive effects from the pandemic. On one side where the world was sheltered at one place, meanwhile, gaming has thrived in the industry since a large amount of the population was seeking some ways to conquer themselves, and gaming helped them at that time.

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